Mason Storm

Mason Storm is an artist known worldwide for his bold, provocative works. Not to be confused with the porn star of the same name, British artist Mason Storm has made a name for himself in the art genres of sculpture, print and realistic canvas art pieces. Apart from his art, Mason Storm is known for his interesting masks which he uses to hide his identity and create the notion of mystic surrounding his personality.

Mason Storm was born in London in 1974. Before he begun to pursue his artistic career he spent some time in working in the variety of industries and worked as Judo and self-defense instructor, freelance security contractor and consultant, journalist specializing in intelligence, espionage, and terrorism. The artist graduated law and also spend some time working as a barrister. Mason Storm wondered in the world of art by chance. One day his Judo class was canceled so the artist entered an art class held in the same youth center. He continued to come over for 15 years and to work hand in hand with people who went on to become Royal Academy, The Royal College, and Saint Martins college art graduates.